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About FitBodyBuzz

FitBodyBuzz was created to share experienced-based workout advice. Tips that help you build muscle, burn fat, get stronger and healthier.

Hi! I'm James, a father of 3 who has been working out for more than 25 years. I started lifting weights when I was 14 to look cool. 🙂 A few months later, I realized that regular strength training is far more than looking good. It's a lifestyle that develops us not only physically, but mentally. Since then, I'm addicted.

I'm not a pro bodybuilder, just a guy who has experienced a lot during the long years. I've tried various training such as weight lifting, calisthenics, power lifting, cycling, CrossFit, and boxing. I didn't become a world champion, but I always did my best to develop, and each sport gave me something new physically.

Why I started FitBodyBuzz?

Well, whenever I started a new type of training, I spent tons of time learning it inside out. I tested everything, and I didn't give up when I failed. Instead, I was searching for the solution.

I started this site because I wanted to share what I know for the average person. I share no secrets, just pure facts. I don't believe in shortcuts, magic supplements, or equipment, anything like that. Just cleverly-organized, persistent, and hard work. That is the only way that brings lasting results.

Workout tips and plans to develop every part of your body with and without weights. Exercise guides and programs to build muscle or burn fat from beginners to advanced athletes.

Exercise equipment buying and using guides to have the best home workout for you. I share comparisons, reviews, and suggestions about the best workout equipment for home.

Nutritional tips. No such things as diets, but logical advice on what to eat and not. I've never followed any diet regime in my life. I just eat healthy foods.

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