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There is no question that Marcy exercise equipment is among the most popular these days. And if we focus on the Marcy home gyms, they are among the best sellers since they provide high-quality models at a low price.

The Marcy company was established 75 years ago. They manufacture gymnasium equipment in California. You can find their products in colleges and gyms and of course at home. To sum up, we are talking about a trusted company making high-quality products in the USA. And their prices are the best around.

Here you find the reviews and comparison of the best Marcy home gym equipment rated well by customers. You will also see that, on top of the low prices, there are discounts on almost all the items here.

Top Marcy Weight Machines



Versatile/Complete Strength Training Machine

  • 600lb weight capacity

  • Weight plate resistance

  • Upper and lower pulley system

  • Preacher curl

  • Cable crossover system

  • Smith machine

  • Adjustable bench with leg developer

  • Can be used as a half power rack

Best Buy for Average Usage

  • 150 lb capacity

  • Weight stack resistance

  • Lat pulldown

  • Pec flys

  • Preacher curl

  • Leg attachement

  • Easy to use

  • New List Item

What are the best Marcy home gym models?

If we take the price and features into account, the best buy is undoubtedly the Marcy Diamond Elite Home Gym since it has everything even for a high-level user. Although it is the most expensive but for a one-time investment, you will get a functional home exercise equipment.

If you cannot afford it or you do not need an efficient machine, then any other exercise machines here will do for you.

Marcy Home Gym Reviews

1. Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage with Linear Bearings (MD 9010G) – The most versatile all in one equipment

marcy home gym reviews

Marcy Smith Machine (also known as Impex powerhouse home gym) is the king of this product line, and I believe it is the best full home gym for the price. It is a gym quality home gym for maximalists with multiple workout stations. This is the gym I’m saving money for.

What are the best features?

  • Marcy Diamond Elite has a special, off the floor basement that increases the stability drastically. This way the machine does not wobble even if extra heavy weights are used.
  • Everything you need for full leg training. It has 6 oversized roller pads and row and curls bars beside the Smith system for squats.
  • The Smith cage has adjustable bar catches and safety stoppers. These are very useful in case you work out alone or use huge weights.
  • The low cable and row functions enable a lot of exercises.
  • All pulley functions are independent.
  • 6 weight storage pegs
  • With the help of the Cable Cross dual pulley system, you will be able to perform various functional exercises.
  • You will be able to do over 100 types of exercises with it.
  • The system supports 600 lb
  • All the attachments are included (row handle, two single handles, triceps rope, lat bar, ankle strap).
  • Comes with: Adjustable weight bench and Olympic bar.

There is no question that if you need an all-around home gym even if you are an advanced user, Marcy MD-9010G is the best buy, even if it costs more than the others. Many users think it the best free weight system for home at this price.


  • It does not come with a weight set. You need to get additional weights separately.
  • It is a large item so you will need space to use it and the assembly is not easy, although it comes with an installation manual. don’t forget to use lubricant for the pulleys.

Who should buy it?

Since this Marcy smith machine provides everything that is required for building muscles, it is recommended for everyone. The price is higher, but you will get everything to work out for a lifetime. MD 9010G is even suitable for at-home bodybuilding.

Is the price reasonable?

The price is around $1000 but if you bought the equipment (cable crossover, cage, barbell, etc.) separately, they would cost at least 3 times more. And other gyms with similar features cost around $2000.

MD-9010G marcy weight machine
469 Reviews
More reviews and details on Marcy Diamond Smith Cage Home Gym System here
The all in one machine for at home strength training for any fitness level. Just keep in mind that it is massive.

2. Marcy 100 Lb Workout Machine Review – Beginner Level but Cheap

Marcy home gym

If you are searching for an affordable stack weight home gym and you have normal height, then this Marcy gym can be a good solution for you. With the help of it, you can train your upper body, and also do a few lower body workouts as well. Since it supports a maximum 100 lbs weight, then it is better for beginners.

What are the best features?

  • It has both high and low pulley stations. With the help of the high pulley station, you can do many back, shoulder and arm exercises. The low cable station is great for the biceps exercises, and do other pulling moves.
  • The dual function press arms sections work separately, so you can do both chest press and chest fly exercises. Because of the independent press arms the exercises need more concentration but that leads to better muscle stimulation.
  • Covered with high-quality foam rollers for comfortable usage, and the upholstery is also made from long-lasting materials.
  • The 100 lb weight stacks are covered with a vinyl coating. This way the machine is quiet while you use it.
  • It is not so big (47 x 16 x 15 inches), so you can place it in even a small room.

To sum up, it provides almost everything that an average person needs to strengthen at home. Most of the customers say that for that price it is a great investment.


  • This machine only supports 100 lbs, and you cannot add extra weight to it.
  • You need some time and tools to assemble, but you will get easy to follow instructions.

Is it for you?

In case, you do not need massive load, then this 100 lb weight stack home gym is perfect for you. You can shape your body without going to the gym.

On the other hand, if you need something more professional and want to use heavy weights, then I do not recommend this Marcy home gym machine for you. You will need something more robust.

Customer Reviews & Price

Most of the users think this Marcy Elite home gym well-working equipment, that does what it promises. And the price is pretty good compared to other similar products.

See more information and reviews on Marcy MD2109 100-Pound Stack Gym here
14 Reviews
See more information and reviews on Marcy MD2109 100-Pound Stack Gym here
Provides all the functions you will need to have weight training at home no matter what level you are at.

3. Marcy Stack Home Gym Review – The Mid-Level Machine

Marcy Stack Dual Function gym

Marcy 200 lb stack home gym is one of the newest models and I think it has the best design. Compared to Marcy diamond it has a stronger structure and supports more weights. Also, extra functions and accessories are added. Hence, it is a bit more expensive.

What are the core features?

  • The selectorized weight stack section has a protective enclosure for safer usage.
  • Also comes with low and high pulley station allowing you to do more types of exercises for full body workout.
  • The back pad is adjustable, so you can adjust it to your height.
  • It also has a preacher curl bicep pad that can be used with a barbell, dumbbell or with the low pulley. Great for strengthening and toning your arms.
  • Extra accessories are included. You will get an ankle strap to do various leg exercises, and one arm pulley for doing single-arm exercises.
  • It supports 200 lbs via weight stacks, so suitable for those who want to lift heavier weights.
  • The arms press is independent, so chest press and chest fly exercises are more efficient.
  • Its size is 52L x 39W x 80H, so not the smallest, but can be used in a room comfortably.

So, Marcy Stack gym is a more professional gym than the previous one providing a lot of possibilities to train your entire body even with heavier weights.


  • It would be good if the seat were removable to have extensive stretch pulldowns.
  • You need to adjust the handles when you do chest flys since they stick into your chest a little bit.

Is it for you?

There is no question that this Marcy fitness equipment has all the features that a normal or intermediate user needs to have a full strength workout at home.

Rating & Price

The customer reviews are positive, although there are not so many since it is a rather new product. The price is a bit higher, but you get more weights and features.

marcy mkm 81010
97 Reviews
See more details and customer reviews on 200 lb Dual Function Workout Machine here
Build up some serious muscle at home with the Marcy Stack Gym. It has a total weight resistance of 200 lbs., great for strengthening different muscle groups and comprehensive full-body workouts.

4. Marcy Combo Smith Machine Review – Great Value for the Money

Marcy Smith Cage Machine with Workout Bench and Weight Bar

This Marcy cage home gym system is a more efficient item that is a combination of a cable crossover and Smith machine. Hence, you will be able to use free weights with it. This type of resistance training is proven to increase strength and muscle mass better than the ones done with cables. But there are a lot of other functions to make your home workouts complete.

What are the best features?

  • Upper pulleys that support up to 2000 lbs. Therefore, it is perfect for power users.
  • To make your back workout even better, it comes with a footplate for seated rows. This compound exercise strengthens and tone legs efficiently and this combo machine is even good for cardio if you use lighter weights.
  • The Smith bar makes this Marcy workout equipment a real killer. This section equipped with adjustable safety drops and bar stops that are very useful in case you train alone and want to use heavier weights. This Smith bar section is great to perform various bench presses, squats and shoulder exercises to build muscle and strength.
  • Of course, you will get an adjustable weight bench to do flat, decline or incline bench presses.
  • The upper cables support two single handles that allow wider pulls to strengthen your lats, and do various crossover exercises for example for your chest or arms.
  • As an extra a chin-up bar is included that lets you do various bodyweight moves as well.
  • Since plates are used it also has two storage posts on either side of the frame to store your weights.
  • The Olympic barbell is included, and it supports both Olympic or standard weights.

To sum up, Marcy Combo Smith Machine is an all in one weight training fitness equipment that has everything you need to be strong and build muscle at home. You can enjoy the benefits of both working out with free weights as well as machines.


  • Since this machine comes with tons of functions, be prepared that it is not going to be easy to assemble, but detailed instructions are told within the setup manual.
  • A few users think the cable system a bit unsmooth, although with a little oiling and usage gets much better.
  • It is not surprising that is big (dimensions: 98L x 59W x 82H), you will need space to use it comfortably.
  • You need to purchase a weight set as they are not included. Although, you can find great deals here.

Who should get it?

Anyone who needs an all-round machine to train at home. With the help of this Marcy weight machine, you will get everything you need to build a strong and healthy body at home.

Is the price reasonable?

Absolutely! Compared to other multi-function home gyms the price is almost the same but they come without Smith function. And single Smith machines do not come with a cable crossover, but they cost more than this. It is a great buy for this price.

marcy equipment
189 Reviews
Marcy Smith Machine with Bench and Weight Bar
This all-in-one machine features a variety of fitness exercises to tone and strengthens the core, thighs, arms, and legs. It’s a combination of a Smith machine, pull-up bar, cable crossover, and a leg developer.

5. Marcy 150lb Stack Home Gym (MWM-990) – The Cheapest

marcy mwm-990 home gym

This Marcy MWM 990 home gym allows you to perform over 30 strength training exercises so as to achieve a total body workout. The exercises that you do will work on the entire body and also target the major muscles such as independent motion chest press arm and vertical butterfly, leg extension/leg curl exercises, back, abs and arm exercise options. The main benefit of using this Marcy home gym equipment is that you are assured of burning more calories, increasing lean muscle mass, and powerful muscles, increase your metabolic rates.

It’s safer than any traditional free weights because when you are using the weights, you are at risk of injuring your back and shoulders in case the weight falls while lifting. On the Marcy MWM-990 home gym, the weights are never suspended over the body but are stored behind a protective weight stack where you can’t be injured.

Marcy 150 lb Stack Home Gym Specifications & Benefits

  • It is designed that when you want to use the cables that are connected to the weight stack, you will not waste time loading and unloading weight plates.
  • It has a heavy-duty 14 gauge steel tube frame.
  • It has solid steel construction for durability.
  • Dual function leg developer with a pivot point that properly aligns with the knee joints.
  • Dual function press arm performs chest pressing and pec fly exercises.
  • Overhead Lat station for back, abs and triceps exercises.
  • High and low pulleys for upper and lower body exercises.
  • Has an adjustable preacher curl bicep pad for comfort when doing isolated bicep exercises.
  • Marcy MWM-990 home gym has an adjustable back pad that allows adjust it according to your height.
  • 3.75” nylon reinforced high and low pulleys with sealed bearings.
  • Aircraft-rated cables at 2000 lb tensile strength.
  • Durable powder-coated finish.
  • The product weight is 260 lbs. maximum weight capacity is 300 lbs and 150 lb selectorized weight stack.
  • Dimensions: 79’’H x 36” W x 68” D.
  • A comprehensive workout poster.
  • Has a 2-year manufacturer’s limited warranty.

Customers reviews

There are positive reviews about this Marcy weight training machine from the assembling stage to when you are using it to exercise. It gives you more benefits compared to the amount that you bought it for.


  • Very easy to assemble with easy to understand instructions and the screws are very organized.
  • Despite its being built with heavy steel, 990 is very light.
  • Budget friendly, convenient and durable.


You need to adjust the handles when you are doing chest flies to avoid the handles sticking into your chest. However, this is a minor problem that you can easily work on because you can have it set permanently if you are the only one using the equipment.

marcy platinum home gym
366 Reviews
See more info and reviews on Marcy MWM-990 150-lb Multi Gym here
I would recommend the Marcy MVM 990 for your home gym if you want to do lots of exercises without having to buy a lot of exercise equipment and it will work on different parts of the body. It is a solid compact piece of equipment that is best for your home, even if you have a small area.

6. Marcy Weight Bench Cage Home Gym – The Power Rack with Extras

impex weight machine

Finally, let me show you a power rack system that provides more possibilities than standard cages. This way it is a better option for those who want to do more free weight training. It is the Marcy cage system MWM 7041 with various workout stations.

Firstly, it can be used as a power rack, so that you can perform such weight lifting exercises like the bench press or squat without a spotter safely. You can load the safety catches, and bar catches up to 300 lb. So, the system lets you lift a maximum of 600 lb which is far enough for even advanced athletes. Plus, it has an open cage design that gives more area to exercise, so lifting is more comfortable inside in it.

Also, a chin-up/pull up bar is added to the gym. This way you can perform bodyweight exercises making your workout routine more versatile and efficient. The maximum capacity of the bar is 300 lb, so you can use additional weight for your bodyweight workout safely if you are at an advanced athlete.

The Marcy weight bench cage comes with a high and low pulley system which makes it even more versatile. You can do lat pull down or rowing to build your back, triceps extensions for your arms. The maximum load for the sliding weight post is 220 lb. You can get a lat pulldown machine with higher capacity, but that resistance is enough for a medium level trainer. On top of that, the cable system designed in such a way that it generates a 1:1 ratio of resistance.

Keep in mind that the weight plates, the barbell, and the bench are not included with the system.

marcy weight bench cage
122 Reviews
Marcy Home Gym Cage System Workout Station for Weightlifting, Bodybuilding and Strength Training MWM-7041
To sum up, it substitutes a rack, pull up station, crossover machine and weight racks. Great purchase if you have not got such equipment yet and you want to safe space in your weight home gym.

Conclusion on Marcy Workout Machines

Considering the price and the features of these Marcy multi gyms they can be very useful to work out at home. They provide numerous ways to exercise so you can create your full body Marcy home gym workout routine. Also, most of them come with an easy to follow exercise chart. You can also download PDF and find tutorials on Youtube about how to assemble and use these machines.

I hope, you will enjoy your Marcy gym, and it will help you to shape your body and have better health. If you have any questions, feel free to ask below.

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  1. Lynn

    Wow these machines are pretty cheap compared to other gyms. I personally like the 100 pound stack machine. I don’t plan on lifting a lot but want a machine that works all areas. I’ll have to remember this company for future purchases.

    1. James

      Yes, these Marcy models are cheaper, but still quality ones and excellent for working out at home.

    2. marc

      Bought the machine it and I compete in natural events this machine rocks for a home gym very impressed with the versatility ……fitness model anyone ???

  2. Jen

    Great review, I really appreciate you breaking down all the pros and cons so that the best decision can be made. For the Diamond Elite Smith Cage, how big of a room would really be needed? It doesn’t look THAT big.

    1. James

      Thank you for your comment. The size of that Marcy home gym is 95” L x 79” W x 86” H, so you will need space to use it comfortably.

  3. Yaeko

    Nice machines at pretty good price, but I’m searching for one that comes with a leg press function. Do you know one?

  4. Dee

    If I get one these gyms from Marcy what kind of accessories will I need? The prices are not bad but if I’ll have to buy extras that will cost plus money for sure.

    1. James

      A gym mat is not a bad idea since it protects the floor and avoids wobbling and moving. They are rather cheap.

  5. John

    I am researching these machines and am between the Danond Elite and the Smith Trainer. There’s about a $300 difference, but it seems to me that the preacher curl bar is one of the only differences?? I would love that feature, but is it worth $300?

    What are the other main differences?

    1. James

      Diamond Elite is a bigger gym. It is wider and taller. This way you have more space inside to exercise. Hence, it is a better option for taller guys.

      1. John

        Thanks for the reply! I’m only about avg height, so do you think I should opt for the cheaper one? The only difference I could tell was the bar on the elite…. can you curl on the smith trainer?

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